Review: Extraordinary Lies by Jennifer Alsever

About the book:
Julia and Charley may come from two completely different worlds, but they’ve been called the same names all their lives. Psycho. Liar. Witch. It’s the price of being a supernaturally gifted female in sexist, narrow-minded 1971.

Until they’re invited to join the Stanford Research Institute. There, a team of scientists are conducting experiments on people like them—people with the ability to tell the future, read minds, move objects without lifting a finger.

At first, the institute seems like a safe haven. For the first time, Julia and Charley are not alone. Surrounded by others with powers like theirs, they finally make real friends. But as the experiments become darker and more dangerous, and the test subjects’ lives are increasingly at risk, the two girls must work together to unveil the truth behind the scientists’ experiments—and the extraordinary lies they’ve been told to keep them in the dark.

Review by Katy Haye:

Ooh, this was something delightfully different. Extraordinary Lies took me to the 70s, with a convincing cold war/conspiracy background and a cast of characters who’ve spent their entire lives at the edge of things (I particularly loved that even Dr Carillo was herself set apart by both her sex and her disability).

The main focus was on Julia and Charley (POV characters for the majority of the book). I especially loved Charley’s growing self-awareness and the ability to see that she was making mistakes almost the moment she made them. And there were lots of mistakes made by all of them. As an adult reader I thought they were frustratingly naïve at times – but what is your teen age for if not the perfect time for stupidity and foolish mistakes?!

I utterly loved the finale, with the young womens’ friendship growing stronger and their self-determination leading them away from manipulation and helplessness into a vibrant future. Recommended!

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