Review: The Red Sun Rises by Victoria Kinnaird

About the Book:

Eren Anderson is a freak among freaks. At 17 years old, he doesn’t fit in with his peers in the tiny town of All Hallows and despite being born into it, he most certainly doesn’t fit in among The Order of Our Mother, the secret nature worshipping society that has harnessed the ability cast spells and believes vampires are not only real, but their deadliest enemies. Eren is turned into a vampire after an attack by the local coven master, but that is the least of his worries…

In a post-Twilight world, “The Red Sun Rises” is a YA novel intended to give vampires their bite back but it should not be read as simply another vampire novel. “The Red Sun Rises” is a story about growing up, responsibility, falling in love, facing your fears and taking fate into your own hands.

Review by Katy Haye:

It’s a while since I’ve read a good vampire story, and this had a bit of a twist on the legends. Eren, our hero, was well aware that magic exists, since he lives in a community full of witches. It’s a surprise that vampires are also real – and even more of a shock when he’s turned into one.

The dialogue was an absolute snarky delight that made me snort aloud on more than one occasion. The relationships were also beautifully handled with the romance between Eren and Corbijn solid and strong, but with the twist of Andy’s unrequited feelings causing tension in his friendship with Eren. Despite the supernatural setting, the relationships were all very real and three-dimensional.

I did find the pacing a little uneven. With battle looming, everything seemed to slow down when I expected it to speed up. I absolutely understand the desire to train before facing immortal enemies – but I wasn’t entirely sure why the vampires would wait rather than striking at the first possible moment and catching their enemies unaware.

Overall, this was a fun, entertaining read and an engaging take on vampire myths.

Katy Haye writes speculative YA fiction. Check out the first book in her new YA fantasy series, Awakened by Magic. Kyann only wants to save her sister, but a greater destiny of myth and magic awaits her in the Empire of Charnrosa.

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